We at Hari Metals are committed to satisfying our customers by meeting their requirements, at all stages in the most competitive and efficient way.

This is fundamental importance to the continued success and the growth of our company.

All of us, through our various skills, expertise, competence, and efficiency will continually seek to improve our processes with an aim to enhance customer satisfaction.


  • We at Hari Metals, shall aim to achieve and sustain excellence in all our activities.

  • We are committed to total customer satisfaction by providing products and services, which meet or exceed the customers’ expectation.

  • Modernization, stress on Technological innovation and training of employees at all levels shall be continuous process.

  • A motivated workforce with a sense of pride in the organization shall lead us towards ‘ TOTAL QUALITY ‘.


We believe in “kaizen” principle which guides it for the continuous development of it’s products and services. It also aims at making committed efforts to achieve TQM (Total Quality Management) to offer maximum satisfaction to customers.


We consider three elements to be essential for the overall quality of the company services :





The quality assurance dept oversees all important quality functions and performs the following activities :

1) The system controls the quality of all incoming materials as per the raw material test certificate of the material. Randomly checking in each size for chemical and physical properties at Government approved laboratory.

2) During forming, pressing, forging and heat treatment process control system outlines in process checks and controls to be followed during heat treatment and testing.

3) Suitable fixtures and templates are used to maintain dimensional accuracy; necessary gauges and calliper are calibrated periodically to maintain their accuracy.

4) Materials are supplied with test certificate as per approved QAP. Test certificates incorporate chemical composition, mechanical properties, hardness detail of heat treatment, Ultrasonic test, Radiography test and stamping details.

"Our Philosophy is long-term, since we believe that the key to lasting success is the formatting of long-term RELATIONSHIP with our clients"

  • Brass Roundbars

  • Brass Flatbars

  • Phousphors Bronze

  • Gunmetal

  • AB , Pb , Magnesium

  • 17-4PH , 15-5PH , Inconel

  • En 8 , EN 9 , EN 24 , 4140

  • Others..

Our Products

  • S.S Roundbars

  • S.S Plates / Sheets

  • S.S Flats / Square

  • Aluminium Plates / Sheets

  • Aluminium Roundbars

  • S.S Flatbars

  • S.S Circles

  • Copper Roundbars

  • Copper Flatbars

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